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The Root is our flagship enterprise software. It has been built from the ground up for more efficient processing of regulated securities and transferable assets in digital format.

The software establishes a smart network among financial institutions with three key features.

Multi-Asset Register for managing ownership of any type of asset in a virtual shared ledger with high resilience and adequate privacy protections.

Multi-Party Workflows to connect existing services and enable the lifecycle of assets with powerful end-end audit trail transparency.

Services Marketplace (patent pending) for efficient, on demand identification of the most suitable and compliant service provider.

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The Root has been developed since 2015 with exclusive focus on post-trade industry requirements.

Granular Privacy
Granular Privacy

Highest level of privacy based on need-to-know access limitations.

Strict Authorization

Strong user
and member authentication/
authorization for clear accountability.

Novel Capabilities

New multi-leg transaction types and flexible processing cycles.

Flexible Data
& Workflows

Highly flexible configuration of reference data and process workflows.

Guaranteed Integrity
guaranteed integrity

Multi-layer and trusted validations with automated synchronization among parties.

Scale and performance
Scale & Performance

Application design to enable long-term horizontal scaling and market segmentation.

Safety and resilience
Safety & Resilience

Highest level of system resilience and multi-layer security by design.


Proven technology recombined to a modern stack.

in-house SYSTEMS

Existing in-house system and services can be connected in the same way as these connect to traditional financial market infrastructure.


Deliver innovative and differentiated services on top of a standardized financial services infrastructure.


Leverage our standardized API, common SQL queries, or middleware built by 3rd parties or yourself to connect existing IT estates.


Out-of-the-box securities services critical business logic and privacy enhanced data model with industry accepted integration options.


Business logic required to streamline securities relevant processes and to enable flexible transaction settlement capabilities.


Multi-asset, multi-service data model to jointly manage a shared register with industry critical privacy functions and optimizations.


Deliver innovative and differentiated services on top of a standardized financial services infrastructure.


Configurable trusted and privacy data validations with automated consensus routines for guaranteed data integrity across the network.


End-end secure and permissioned peer-to-peer network that can be operated across cloud and local datacenters.

Fast, Automated, and Custom

The technology stack can be integrated via a graphical user interface (GUI) or an API / SQL interface by your in-house teams, a 3rd party developed middleware, or a combination thereof.

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